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Monday October 15th, 2018

Our Guarantee To You

We believe that auto care should be a “Trouble-Free” experience. For over 15
years, we have built and maintained trusted customer relationships based on our
well-known “You Can Trust US To Do Our Best”.

In fact we know that Safety and Reliability of your vehicle are important to
you. Therefore “We guarantee all our work and everything we sell”. From our
minimum 12 month 12,000 mile part guarantee to our lifetime part guarantee.
Our lifetime part guarantee is valid for as long as you’re immediate family owns
the vehicle.

Undercar Services is committed to earning your trust by providing you with
expertise, value, honesty and quality branded parts you expect…every time you
visit us. Our Priority is YOU.

Due to the complexity of today’s vehicles and the diversity of repair needs. Undercar Services quotes repairs based on the cause and effects of the symptoms you are experiencing. By using this method you only pay for parts and services needed. Undercar Services will not repair your car without your permission.

* See manager for Guarantee Details